Trust and Reliability Define Tech Unlimited

While starting my position two years ago, we had some major technical issues and improvements that we had to make. Tech Unlimited’s team went to work right away. We have added much needed security, a new server that our workers can access remotely (a life saver in snowy weather), and relatable and reliable service. I think the biggest thing that we’ve noticed is that we trust them to fix the problem. There has never been a time where they weren’t in communication about a problem or fixing the problem as they happened.

One Saturday afternoon City Hall lost power. It happened to impact our server for a blimp of a second. By the time I had reached City Hall, Tech Unlimited was already calling to ensure that our service was back up and running. I didn’t have to call, no emails, they wanted to make sure that our service was uninterrupted. That’s a big deal and their trust was earned through countless stories just like this one.

The difference between TU and the rest of the IT firms is one word: reliability. When we need something done, it doesn’t require 10 emails and 15 phone calls, we get immediate service and an answer of what is happening. They simply take the worry out of the equation. They may have to help others before you, but you know they’re going to take care of you and get the job done right.

Choosing Tech Unlimited is supporting a small business entrepreneur, a family-oriented business, and someone that you can trust. There shouldn’t be any other option in IT firms, you should put down the Google Search and select Tech Unlimited. They’ll win you over with their trust and reliability. End of the day we couldn’t imagine a better resource.

Michael Looft City of Winthrop Administrator

Tech Unlimited Treats Us Like We Are Their Biggest Client

Tech Unlimited is very knowledgeable, but more importantly they treat us as though we are their largest client.

They respond immediately when the situation requires immediate attention, each and every time! If you’re considering working with Tech Unlimited, don’t hesitate.

You will definitely be glad you did.

Bob Elston City of Sleepy Eye Administrator

Tech Unlimited Turned Our IT Around Within Weeks of Partnering With Them!

The biggest benefit Tech Unlimited has had for us is communication. They have been an exact fit for our needs with IT services and hardware!

We chose to work with Tech Unlimited because we were able to openly discuss options including price for both IT service and hardware. We were able to reduce our overall IT costs compared to our previous provider. Tech Unlimited basically turned us around into the right direction within the first few weeks of partnering with us. We even met on January 1st, when we were closed, to get everything in place for the transition. I am sure we stress them out but wow, do they take the stress out our hands so we can work on our own business day to day.

If you’re trying to decide on an IT provider, I would say get your ass off that fence and go with Tech Unlimited. We have had nothing but positive outcome since switching, and we couldn’t be happier! We get such great support from Tech Unlimited that it feels like we have in-house IT.

Craig Murphy Chuck Spaeth Ford
New Ulm and Sleepy Eye MN.