Computer running slow?

From your personal computer giving you the blue screen of death to slow operating speeds, Tech Unlimited offers high-quality home computer repair service to residents in and around New Ulm, MN.

No matter what make or model you own, we have the skills to fix your machine. In many instances, we’re able to repair our customers’ computers in one day.

technician repairing laptop computer closeup

Making sure your computer is adequately protected against viruses, malware, network incursions and data loss is important for your personal computer. Tech Unlimited can provide expert diagnostic services and technical support for you to enjoy safe, reliable performance on your computer equipment.


Having issues with your tablet, iPad, smart TV, wireless connection or other personal technology device?

We are truly Tech Unlimited and are happy to assist with all your home technology needs. This also includes putting all your devices on a network to share data with each other.

Don’t want to hassle with unplugging all those computer cords?

Tech Unlimited offers in-home assistance for your technology related needs at an affordable price.

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