If you are a graphic designer, photographer, or a photoshop enthusiast, you are likely aware of Photoshops 30th birthday software update. Many of the updates that Adobe describes in their blog post about the release aren’t life changing. There is, however, one update that has us as an IT professional exited.

The Photoshop designers have added an upgrade the Lens Blur feature that you may not even realize. The feature will not start processing the pixels using the graphics processor rather than the CPU. While this may sound a bit nerdy and Greek to you. This can have major improvements to the speed of the feature. We feel this is also a foreshadowing of things to come.

It is our belief that the designers are using this Lens Feature upgrade as a test before it rolls out using the graphics processor for other Photoshop functions. This is great news if you have a high performance graphics processor already installed in your computer. If you do not, now may be the time to start looking at upgrading your system as well.

Here is where the custom built computer steps up to the plate! Custom builds are a great way to easily enhance components of your set up without having to purchase everything brand new. In the case of the Photoshop update, if you had a custom built computer upgrading your graphics processor is a similar and cost effective switch.

Our professionals at Tech Unlimited are experts at building custom computers. Taking your specific requirements and budget, we can help design a system that will be fit your every need. Call us today or stop in to our New Ulm, MN location to learn more!

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