Let’s face it, we are all dependent on computers and devices. Be it individuals or businesses, computers have revolutionized our day-to-day lives.

When your computer is running slowly it not only hinders the performance of the user but is also extremely frustrating. There are numerous reasons that lead to PC slow down. Key reasons behind sluggish system performance are as given below:

  1. You are using your computer too long without a reboot.
  2. You have insufficient free hard drive space.
  3. You have a corrupted or fragmented hard drive.
  4. You are running many programs in the background that you aren’t aware are there.
  5. Your system is infected with a nasty virus or malicious malware.

Many of these symptoms of an unhealthy computer system can limit what you are able to do with your PC or how quickly you can perform your necessary tasks. Truly the only way to target every possible reason for underperformance of your device is to perform a computer evaluation and tune up. What better time of year than spring to get a fresh start and speed up your potential!

What is a PC tune up?

A PC tune up is ideally performed by Tech Unlimited in New Ulm is designed to bring your PC back to the full speed, storage and life that you were used to before the slow down. It fixes almost all the issues pertaining to your computer like virus intrusions, windows registry errors, system lockups, and hard disk fragmentation.

We run a comprehensive scan of your computer to diagnosis issues, and then our IT professionals work to resolve them. Through these processes, Tech Unlimited can help to bring your computer to optimal performance. 

Like an oil change for your car, we recommend you do a tune up regularly and at a minimum of once a year. For a standard tune up, we guarantee a one day turn around! Give us a call or stop into Tech Unlimited in New Ulm, MN to let us get cleaning your PC.

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